Glad you are getting the house gradually sorted out! What did you expect?!?! I have a hard enough time keeping up with the basics on my van. Luckily I haven't had anything all that major 🤞🏻 but now approaching 100k miles it's time for the "B" service, new tires, replace a fuel sensor filter thingie, couple of recall issues and... most importantly, a full rabbit fur interior lining.

I had dodge some fires on the way to the retreat last year but it was well worth it, and I imagine this year will be even better. In case anyone wants to read a bit more, here's a trip report:


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Of course. I appreciate you so much.

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I went last year and took the train from Portland to Whitefish. Thank you Chris, Anya, Melayne, Rachel and Cameron for the invite into your home and land and garden therapy and love. This adventure for me was about quiet time and learning to slow the fuck down. The other fellow people that helped in my healing process during that time I’ll never forget. And to enjoy every person in our own unique way. We all came with anticipation for more. It helped me build and trust my instincts and helped me regain my inner athlete. Thanks CPR for your podcast and Bowen for sparing off with me and your podcast that helped me better communicate with my partner now. Kevin for your awesome dance skills that liberated me to love myself and letting me lead and changed my thoughts on topics around the fire. Cameron for helping with self defense refresh and Budokon is a gift. Sandy my sister and friend I love watching your adventures. Maria the talks. Oversharing I know but it changed my life. You should really think about going. I didn’t even touch on the food, sauna, and cold plunge. Pillow pants and Coco, John, Josh, Yanni has awesome Brazilian dance moves, Maria’s kind hugs. Teresa and her beautiful heart. Jordan and Anya for trusting me with cutting your hair. How’d the cuts go ladies? And Bryan and your curious mind.

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