May 11 • 1HR 31M

562 - Alex Pappademas (Author: Quantum Criminals)

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Chris Ryan
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Alex wrote a book called Quantum Criminals: Ramblers, Wild Gamblers, and Other Sole Survivors from the Songs of Steely Dan (beautifully illustrated by Joan LeMay). It’s a fantastic book about one of the most interesting bands of all time. They were a rock/pop/jazz band that wasn’t really a band, decided not to tour cause it was too much hassle, settled for nothing short of perfection, had no interest in fame, so cool they didn’t care a whit about being cool. I’m guessing Banksy is a fan of Steely Dan. Hope you dig the convo.

Here’s that Amazon link I mentioned, and here’s a link to more information about the Sex at Dawn retreat in Montana this summer.

Here’s a recent article about the Steely Dan’s popularity among people too young to remember the 1970s.

Intro music “Brightside of the Sun,” by Basin and Range. Outro: “Smoke Alarm,” by Carsie Blanton.

A little something just for subscribers, our pal Rick Beato explaining why Steely Dan is (are?) awesome.