Apr 25 • 1HR 38M

560 - Turner Osler, MD

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Chris Ryan
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Dr. Turner Osler studied anthropology at Princeton, before becoming a surgeon and research epidemiologist. After 30 years working at the University of Vermont’s trauma center, Dr. Osler left the operating room and began a career as a research epidemiologist, which required hours of sitting at a computer, resulting in unrelenting back pain. Being an expert on the spine, he decided to try to design a chair that would work with, rather than against human anatomy and physiology. So in 2016, Turner and his son, Lex, founded QOR360, where they design and manufacture chairs that engage the spine, rather than encourage atrophy.

The button chair is here.

Here’s the link to the Budokon retreat this August (I think about half the tickets are already gone).

Here are two obituaries of Ginger Norwood, and a link to our conversation from a few years back.

Music: “Brightside of the Sun,” by Basin and Range; “Backbone,” by Carsie Blanton; “Sultans of Swing,” sung by Mary Spender and Josh Turner.