Sep 6, 2022 • 1HR 30M

543 - Deborah Eden Tull (Zen Teacher, Author: Luminous Darkness)

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Chris Ryan
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DEBORAH EDEN TULL, founder of Mindful Living Revolution, is a Zen meditation and engaged dharma teacher, public speaker, author, and sustainability educator who trained for seven and a half years as a Buddhist monk at a silent Zen monastery and has taught engaged dharma for over 20 years. Her most recent book is Luminous Darkness: An Engaged Buddhist Approach to Embracing the Unknown.

Click here to listen to Anya Kaats’ conversation with Deborah Eden Tull on A Millennial’s Guide to Saving the World.

Intro music “Brightside of the Sun,” by Basin and Range. “Dark Cloud,” by Chris Thomas King; Outro: “Smoke Alarm,” by Carsie Blanton.

Here’s the link to our meetups. Check in, if you’re somewhere between Whitefish and Santa Cruz.

And now for something extra, just for Substack subscribers. I’ve been listening to Peter Zeihan’s geo-political thinking lately. Here’s his take on Covid (recorded while on a month-long hike in the Sierras).