Jul 18 • 56M

536 - ROMA 57

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Ever wanted to hang with a comedian, dominatrix, health guru, bank robber, author, or Italian prince? Well, here's your chance. Tangentially Speaking is dedicated to the idea that good conversation is organic, uncensored, revelatory, and free to go down unexpected paths.
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Here’s a ROMA in which I talk about some oddities of backwards greetings in Tanzania, driving in Georgia, the financial realities of world travel in 2022, the conundrum of hydraulic toilets seats (and other luxuries), and what it means (and doesn’t) when you say a woman is “beautiful.”

Intro music “Brightside of the Sun,” by Basin and Range. “Do You Want My Job,” by Little Village; Outro: “Smoke Alarm,” by Carsie Blanton.

Here’s the map for Tangentialistas.

And now for something extra, just for Substack subscribers, one of the most brilliant bits of comedy writing ever: